Interested in MCLE in the United States?

In cooperation with our sponsors we are pleased to provide Free MCLE credit in certain jurisdictions, as more specifically explained below. 


IPWatchdog, Inc is an accredited sponsor, approved by the State Bar of Arkansas.  In accordance with the Arkansas Continuing Legal Education Rules, we will supply Arkansas attorneys who attend our programs with a Certificate of completion upon request. Arkansas attorneys who attend our programs are required to self-submit their signed certificate of completion to State Bar of Arkansas via the following email:

Illinois, Missouri & Tennessee

The SEP Program has been approved for in 13.5 Illinois MCLE general credit hours. 

This SEP program has been approved in Missouri for 16.2 MCLE general credit hours. 

This SEP program has been approved in Tennessee for 9 MCLE general credit hours.  We are still awaiting a decision on several panels from Tennessee. 


IPWatchdog, Inc. is also an accredited sponsor, approved by the State Bar of Texas, Committee on MCLE.  In accordance with the state Bar of Texas, IPWatchdog will submit attendance for all Texas attorneys, for all of our Virtual Programs that qualify for MCLE.

New York

New York has reciprocity with Texas and Illinois, both states that have approved this SEP program. Attorneys must calculate the New York equivalent category and number of credits by reviewing the information under the heading “To calculate and report credit (for all attorneys).  They need to keep a copy of the written materials and the Certificate of Attendance showing that the course was accredited in at least one other Approved Jurisdiction. (For example, AK, CA, IL, MN, MO, OH, TX, TN, & VA, for a minimum of 4 years.  Self-Reporting State.

NH and AZ

New York has reciprocity with Texas, so attorneys admitted to practice in NY can claim MCLE credit for IPWatchdog programs. 

New Hampshire and Arizona do not approve MCLE courses. Instead, both NH and AZ require attorneys to self certify whether a program is sufficiently comprehensive to satisfy for MCLE credit. 



Colorado attorneys may submit a form 1B for live/live webinars or a form 7 for home/study/on-demand courses to get credit.  Both forms can be found on Website.  Self-Reporting State. 

Florida attorneys can email the Certificates of Attendance they receive from providers to, with their Florida Bar number in the subject line to receive credits for those courses. Self-Reporting State.

New Jersey attorneys must retain the certificate in his/her records to submit to NJ when they are reporting compliance with registration.  Self-Reporting State.


For this Standard Essential Patents virtual program we have also submitted an application requesting MCLE approval in Vermont, Virginia and Washington. 

Other States

The following states will also generally give credit for programs that have been accredited by other CLE states.  They are Alaska, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.