The Role of SEPs for the Auto Industry

November 10, 20211:00pm EST to 2:30pm ESTLive Stream
11SEPs for the Auto Industry

About this Panel

RegisterThe auto industry is one of the first sectors to rely on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, which connect devices, machines, buildings and other items with electronics, software or sensors. Interconnectivity across multiple vehicle parts and units relies on the specification of technology standards such as 4G or 5G, Wi-Fi, video compression (HEVC/VVC), Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Near Field Communication (NFC) or the wireless charging Qi standard to name a few.

Many of these standards implemented in cars are subject to an increasing number of standard-essential patents (SEPs). The integration of highly patented standardized technologies creates economic risks for vehicle manufacturers as royalty rates that can be considered FRAND are yet debated in many cases also yielding SEP litigation

The increasing integration of information and communication technologies in vehicles is creating new challenges for licensing patents in general, and for negotiating royalty payments.

This Panel Will Address:

  • The role of SEPs for the auto industry
  • The landscape of declared SEPS
  • The role of patent pools for SEPs in the industry
  • The clash of business models between auto and telecommunications
  • Where in the supply chain licensing should occur
  • Standard development initiatives relevant to the automotive sector