State of the SEP Ecosystem: Innovators vs. Implementers

November 8, 202111:00am EST to 12:30pm ESTLive Stream
11The SEP Ecosystem

About this Panel

RegisterStandard Development Organizations (SDOs) exist as a mechanism for industry innovators to work together to collectively identify and select the best and most promising innovations that will become the foundation for the entire industry to build upon for years to come. Those contributing patented technologies to the development of a standard are asked to provide a FRAND (which stands for Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) assurance, in essence committing to providing access to patents that are or may become essential to the implementation of the standard.

“A technology makes it into a standard because it is valuable to solve a specific problem,” explained Matteo Sabattini, Director of IP Policy for Ericsson. 

Innovators invest large sums creating technologies that are ultimately adopted as standards; technology implementers build upon those standards. Not surprisingly, innovators want to be paid. Equally unsurprising, implementers want to pay less than innovators seek to charge. Both are necessary to have a complete and thriving ecosystem. While it is important not to minimize the contribution of technology implementers who roll out across the final mile to consumers, it is the likes of innovators that have paved the way for the innovation from the ground up. 

The Panel Will Discuss

  • The current state of the SEP ecosystem at large.
  • Whether implementers and innovators co-exist without litigation?
  • Misconceptions and misunderstandings surrounding SEPs
  • Why is determining a FRAND rate so difficult?
  • Looming issues on the horizon for the industry


11Roberto Dini

Roberto Dini

Intellectual Property Senior Consultant, Metroconsult
11Taraneh Maghamé

Taraneh Maghamé

Vice President, Wireless Programs, Via Licensing Corporation
11Tim Pohlmann

Tim Pohlmann

CEO and Founder, IPlytics
11Kent Baker

Kent Baker

Head of Intellectual Property at u-blox AG
11Matteo Sabattini

Matteo Sabattini

Director of IP Policy for Ericsson
11Gene Quinn

Gene Quinn

President & CEO, IPWatchdog, Inc.

Event Info

  • November 8, 2021
  • 11:00am EST - 12:30pm EST
  • Live Stream