Patenting Standards: Strategically Building a SEP Portfolio

November 8, 20213:00pm EST to 4:30pm ESTLive Stream
11Patenting Standards

About this Panel

RegisterOne of the major challenges when licensing, transacting, or managing Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) is that there is no public database that provides information about verified SEPs. Standard-setting organizations (SSOs) such as ETSI (4G / 5G), IEEE (Wi-Fi), or ITUT (HEVC/VVC) maintain databases of so-called self-declared patents to document the fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) obligation. As a result, in the course of licensing negotiations, patent acquisitions, or litigation, the question about which patents are essential and which are not is one of the most hotly debated when negotiating SEP portfolio value, royalties, or infringement claims. 

There are two big problems. Not all declared patents are essential and not all essential patents are declared. Both described scenarios show that patent declaration data needs refinement, filtering, extrapolation and a neutral and objective SEP determination and valuation metric.

The Panel Will Discuss:

  • How SEP portfolios should be built?
  • Standard Setting Organization disclosure requirements.
  • Benefit of a patent or family declared "essential" to a standard.
  • Drawbacks of a patent or family declared "essential" to a standard.



Gabriele Mohsler

Vice President Patent Development at IPR & Licensing, Ericsson
11Jake LaCombe

Jake LaCombe

Partner, Munck Wilson Mandala
11Daniel Venglarik

Dan Venglarik

Partner, Munck Wilson Mandala
11Gene Quinn

Gene Quinn

President & CEO, IPWatchdog, Inc.

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  • November 8, 2021
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